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Exploring Web Apps

So I have been exploring the idea of making an HTML5-esque app. Something that can be cross-platform, and potentially do something useful at the same time. So within 4 days, I put together an HTML5 app that showcases some of my new skills (if you can call them that). Below is the list of things I worked on:

  • Building (in real-time) HTML5 inside of jsFiddle
  • Connecting to an external JSON-style API
  • Dynamically building/redrawing jQuery Mobile elements
  • Identifying and use of Geo-location
  • Addition of mobile "touch" events

This is all demonstrated in the app that I have just completed: Twitter Search (within 10 miles) The idea was to get used to the workflow of creating an HTML5 app, and I think I can say that was achieved.

Honestly I think the app is terrible, and there is a reason it is suffixed with "_00". Things to consider for the next version:

  • Dump tweets into an array
  • create new list items only on array change
  • refresh only populates items not already in array
  • auto-refresh timer
  • if new tweets in auto-refresh, push the list-item on the top (visible)
  • if the list is going to keep growing, add a pause button

Have a look at the source, or the original jsFiddle can be found here: TwitterSearch jsFiddle

In the meantime, I will try to start some code postings explaining some of the tricky bits that I ran into.

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