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Electric Run SF

So here is the thing, we wanted a discount on registration for the Electric Run in SF... so we needed to get a group of people together: Done. Then we needed a team name... so I suggested we be "The Party Rock Crew" and dress appropriately... of course, being the crazy guy that I am, that meant me as Boxhead...

So I start down this crazy road of buying 400 (plus spares) super-bright LED modules from China, a crazy ton of batteries, and EL-wire, and then... I broke my foot. So Im done right? I sure thought so... but then 3 days before the event, these friends of mine suggested I rent a wheelchair, and they will make sure I get through the whole 5k... of course with 3 days, I had an entire day to procrastinate before starting this:

Boxhead with a mohawk!

Boxhead with a mohawk!

Pretty epic, right? So here was my list of ACTUALLY USED components in this project:

- 15x15x20 cardboard box
- 1x LED strip from China
- 2x (3m) EL wire strands
- EL Sequencer from SparkFun
- Tape + Gold Spray-paint
- Used/Returned bicycle helmet
- Hot Glue
- Black mesh/grid
- 2x 80mm Blue LED Computer Fans

If you look carefully, in the background you can also see the wheelchair which I added another 4 EL wire strands to and had them all running off the same EL Sequencer from SparkFun. (It's programmable, but comes with a default setting... which is awesome, since I had NO TIME!)... Also, believe it or not, but the LiPoly batteries I had wanted to power this with were unavailable... so I threw together some 8-packs of Duracel C batteries. Woot!

OK so, it took 3 of us, working till about 2am to get the mohawk made... and then painted, and then we glued & taped it to the top of the head on the day of. My roommate (seeing how frantic I was working) offered to program the LED modules on the mohawk (yep, thats right, the "tips of the mohawk" were 20 programmable LED modules).

End result? We got there later than we intended to, but WAY earlier than we needed to. So altogether perfect timing. It was of course freezing, and I had to keep begging my friends to let me push myself with my arms in order to stay non-hypothermic. LOL... in the end, I got up off my rump for a photo-op:

"Redfoo" forgot his afro in the car... :)

"Redfoo" forgot his afro in the car... 🙂

Thanks to everybody who made this possible. You guys rock!

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