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FC15: Synergy across multiple users

I was in the market to setup synergy on one of my desktop machines at work today. Synergy itself, no problem. However, it was running in the foreground of only one of my user accounts, which meant that logout/login would be impossible...

Looking for a way around this, I came across a guide which would get me about 99% of the way there. Here is the steps that I did, and what worked for me:

Server Side (Windows 7):

  • First, I setup Synergy 1.4.10Beta on my Windows 7 laptop (named 'lappy'). I was setting this machine up as my Synergy server, so clicked the "server" bullet, then the "Configure server" button, and finally added my soon-to-be client (named 'bashful') to the setup.
  • I opened up the Windows command prompt and ran "ipconfig /all" to identify my IP address for the client to connect to

Client Side (Fedora 15):

  • In a terminal, with root permissions, I edited the "/etc/gdm/Init/Default", and added the line: "/usr/bin/synergyc --no-tray -n bashful {SERVER_IP}:24800" at the very end of the file, just before the "exit 0" line. (not exactly the same command as the above linked instructions)
  • A reboot proved that I somehow didn't have my Ethernet interface enabled by default. Easily solved. (You can do this in the GUI by clicking on the network icon in the upper right and selecting "Network Settings". After the interface is turned on, you can click on "Options" and select "Connect Automatically")
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