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Honig Vineyard & Winery

So the other weekend, I had a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend the weekend in Napa Valley in a guest-house of the Honig Vineyard.  Although this may have been the highlight, it also makes a good reason to spend some time unveiling a new feature of my website.

Google Map

So I know that my pictures are usually pretty abstract, but I think I really got some good shots this time.  Of course I cheat, because a Vineyard is filled with things to take pictures of.

   Water Droplet Vineyard Grapes Barrel Wood Corking Machine

And as you can see I am now successfully combining the use of the Flickr & Lightbox2 plugins for a much more eye-catching look at the images that I have on Flickr... but back to the weekend in Napa.  As a whole, our group included Steven & Miriam (the inviters), Miriams brother, Ryan, Martina, and myself (the invitees).

The weather was not exactly great, and kept us on our toes the entire weekend.  Regardless, we took a walking tour through the Winery & Vineyard, and ended up back at the house for a dip in the hot-tub.  An excelent weekend overall.

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