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Weekend in Las Vegas

The Venecian Hotel and CasinoOk, so regardless of my feelings about gambling, and how much I despise losing money, I succomed to the nagging of my friends, and went to Las Vegas.

One of the biggest things that bothers me about casinos (aside from the "taking your money" business) is the look-and-feel.  Some casinos, regardless of what they may have been advised, do not go for the "timeless beauty" look... which 20 years later means they look dated... because they ARE dated.  Of course others (Bellagio, Venecian, etc) actually look good.

I know people always say that you should go see a show when you are in Las Vegas, but this brings up another point.  I am pretty sure that every single one-hit-wonder comedian I have ever heard of has a show in Las Vegas.  As an example, I was stunned to find out that Louis Anderson still existed, given that my childhood memorys were of the dozen-or-so "Life with Louie" episodes... but I digress.

The weather was great. The walk was long. There were definitely too many things to even SEE in one day.  There were private escort services & "girls for hire" being advertised by the thousands.  There were public displays of thousands of empty alcohol containers.  I was asked more than once if I was wanted to purchase crack or heroine.  AND, did I mention that the weather was great?

Altogether as I expected, and to quote Obi Wan: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy".

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