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In the business of costumes…

So I dont know how I got here, but it looks like I have officially entered the business of making costumes.  Honestly, after 3 straight Halloween costumes that (at least to me) have seemed excessively over-the-top, I find it hard to imagine what chaos next year will bring.

I guess it was a hit.  I don't quite remember much, given my extreme lack of sleep finally catching up to me.  The only question I had was why nobody gave me the memo that there was a special "sit down" lunch today at work... needless to say, that went over splendedly.

So for all the critics out there, YES, I know the power-button is on the wrong side.  I was lacking sleep when I went to make the cut.  There I was, on the inside of the costume, carefully measuring and tracing out the locations on the inside of the costume, and cutting out the shapes from the inside of the costume... opposite side?  mirror image?  Who knew, right? 

Anyway, I won the "most creative costume" (aka "Best in Show") costume, although I personally thought some of the other costumes were absolutely hilarious, and well thought out.  Personally, I am just glad that a good majority of the company got involved this year instead of just QA & Engineering (a la last year).

Finally just a shoutout to my boss's boss, Geoff, who provided a relic give-away item: a blue LED ice-cube (which as you can see, obviously ties the whole thing together)

Now for the cleanup, as I think my room-mate may kill me soon if the living room is not soon emptied of the piles of foam, fabric, and empty glue cans.

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