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Halloween Time Again

It is Halloween again, and around that time of year, I always get some crazy idea in my head for some monstrocity of a costume.  Although this year there are multiple things adding to the pressure of the costume.

I guess it all started my senior year of college, when having nothing better to do (just a joke), I cranked out a 2200uF Electrolytic Capacitor costume from a simple foam mattress-topper, some felt, and a TON of glue.  The geeky creativity even won me a Nintendo DS Lite at a Costume Competition.

The next year, I already had plans brewing for a GIGANTIC bobble-head doll.  And then on Halloween day, there I was, in my brand new job, wearing a HUGE costume in to the office.  A little less geeky this time, I was dressed as an 8-foot-tall, bobble-head, version of one of the monsters from the childrens book "Where the Wild Things Are".  I was decked, head to foot, in the hottest thing I have ever worn before, and on a harness, strapped to my chest was a 6-foot pole reaching upward to suspend the bobble-head above me.  Claws & everything I was ready... it was pretty sweet.

Now this year, I have (unfortunately) to face the same people in the office, with the expectation that I will somehow top last year's costume.  With this added pressure, a current high-stress project underway at work, and the added bonus of being alternated into a Cheerleading competition routine 5 days prior, I am feeling the burn.

So what am I this year?  Trust me, no guess you have could even come close.  Im going to wait till I can get some pictures of it though before I spoil the fun.  😉

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