Je t’embrasse Salutations from Silicon Valley, California


San Francisco MOMA & The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum So back a few weeks now we went into the city (San Francisco) with hopes of being able to view the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.  

Unfortunately for us the tickets were sold out, so what else was there to do but wander aimlessly through the streets, drink milk-shakes, and take pictures of the outside of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Apparently one of my friends had experienced the "bad part" of Oakland that morning when she had gone to the train station.  Some woman, angry at the fact that my friend had occupied the last parking spot, started hitting my friends car, and cursing like crazy.  Of course this could be considered normal, until they threatened to slash her tires, and kill her if she didnt leave... Not exactly what I would call a warm welcome.

Anyway, I ended up taking pictures of all kinds of things.  But hey, thats me.  I even got this pretty nice panorama of the outside of the Museum of Modern Art... although I had to basically climb into a public fountain to do so.

We ended up purchasing tickets for the next week, and made our minds up to come back and see the Frida Kahlo exhibit anyway.

Anyway, feel free to click on the image to the left & then navagate the rest of the photos from the day in San Francisco.

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