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In the business of costumes…

So I dont know how I got here, but it looks like I have officially entered the business of making costumes.  Honestly, after 3 straight Halloween costumes that (at least to me) have seemed excessively over-the-top, I find it hard to imagine what chaos next year will bring.

I guess it was a hit.  I don't quite remember much, given my extreme lack of sleep finally catching up to me.  The only question I had was why nobody gave me the memo that there was a special "sit down" lunch today at work... needless to say, that went over splendedly.

So for all the critics out there, YES, I know the power-button is on the wrong side.  I was lacking sleep when I went to make the cut.  There I was, on the inside of the costume, carefully measuring and tracing out the locations on the inside of the costume, and cutting out the shapes from the inside of the costume... opposite side?  mirror image?  Who knew, right? 

Anyway, I won the "most creative costume" (aka "Best in Show") costume, although I personally thought some of the other costumes were absolutely hilarious, and well thought out.  Personally, I am just glad that a good majority of the company got involved this year instead of just QA & Engineering (a la last year).

Finally just a shoutout to my boss's boss, Geoff, who provided a relic give-away item: a blue LED ice-cube (which as you can see, obviously ties the whole thing together)

Now for the cleanup, as I think my room-mate may kill me soon if the living room is not soon emptied of the piles of foam, fabric, and empty glue cans.

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Halloween Time Again

It is Halloween again, and around that time of year, I always get some crazy idea in my head for some monstrocity of a costume.  Although this year there are multiple things adding to the pressure of the costume.

I guess it all started my senior year of college, when having nothing better to do (just a joke), I cranked out a 2200uF Electrolytic Capacitor costume from a simple foam mattress-topper, some felt, and a TON of glue.  The geeky creativity even won me a Nintendo DS Lite at a Costume Competition.

The next year, I already had plans brewing for a GIGANTIC bobble-head doll.  And then on Halloween day, there I was, in my brand new job, wearing a HUGE costume in to the office.  A little less geeky this time, I was dressed as an 8-foot-tall, bobble-head, version of one of the monsters from the childrens book "Where the Wild Things Are".  I was decked, head to foot, in the hottest thing I have ever worn before, and on a harness, strapped to my chest was a 6-foot pole reaching upward to suspend the bobble-head above me.  Claws & everything I was ready... it was pretty sweet.

Now this year, I have (unfortunately) to face the same people in the office, with the expectation that I will somehow top last year's costume.  With this added pressure, a current high-stress project underway at work, and the added bonus of being alternated into a Cheerleading competition routine 5 days prior, I am feeling the burn.

So what am I this year?  Trust me, no guess you have could even come close.  Im going to wait till I can get some pictures of it though before I spoil the fun.  😉

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Ultimate Day Tour… Almost!

So this last weekend, I finally got to go on a trip that I have been planning for about a year.  It starts with renting a bike from one of the many shops around the Pier 39 area of San Francisco.  From there you head across the Golden Gate Bridge, and up to Sausalito.  After some refreshment or time well spent in the nice quaint downtown area, you can enjoy a full view of the Bay (if its not cloudy like last weekend) from a ferry-ride back to either Pier 41 or Pier 1.

To give you an idea of the area, I am also going to take full advantage of the new-found plugin for WordPress that allows me to import Google Maps like the following:

Google Map

The unfortunate part of the trip was, as the title explains, that none of us came prepared with a camera for pictures.  The way the clouds sweep across the top of the bridge can really make for some amazing photos.  Alas, that will have to wait for next time.  Speaking of which, I think next time I will walk.  It will take more like 5 hours, but will be better for taking pictures... with the camera that I am sure to have by then 😉

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San Francisco MOMA & The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum So back a few weeks now we went into the city (San Francisco) with hopes of being able to view the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.  

Unfortunately for us the tickets were sold out, so what else was there to do but wander aimlessly through the streets, drink milk-shakes, and take pictures of the outside of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Apparently one of my friends had experienced the "bad part" of Oakland that morning when she had gone to the train station.  Some woman, angry at the fact that my friend had occupied the last parking spot, started hitting my friends car, and cursing like crazy.  Of course this could be considered normal, until they threatened to slash her tires, and kill her if she didnt leave... Not exactly what I would call a warm welcome.

Anyway, I ended up taking pictures of all kinds of things.  But hey, thats me.  I even got this pretty nice panorama of the outside of the Museum of Modern Art... although I had to basically climb into a public fountain to do so.

We ended up purchasing tickets for the next week, and made our minds up to come back and see the Frida Kahlo exhibit anyway.

Anyway, feel free to click on the image to the left & then navagate the rest of the photos from the day in San Francisco.

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